You talk the talk but do you walk the walk?

What do you think your prospects and existing clients hear from your company? I promise you that they hear more than just what your sales and operations people are saying to them.

As a matter fact, they’re “hearing” more than you may even know.

You see, your prospects and existing clients are also paying attention to what you’re not saying. And they also notice what you’re doing and not doing. And they see those inconsistencies between what you say and what you do even when YOU don’t.

Are you paying attention to the nonverbal side of what your business is communicating?

Often these items can fall negatively affect your marketing efforts.

Nonverbal actions affect perception.

The challenge is you can be too close to the problem to even see it. It often takes somebody from the outside to point it out to you.

Here are some common examples:

  • Your sales people say your company is “different than the competition” because you pay attention to details, yet there’s tremendous inconsistencies in your proposals and the output of your work.
  • You say you are up on the latest trends in your industry, but yet your marketing materials (and your blog and social media) are extremely dated.
  • You say you work as a team, uniformly, yet your staff is not always dressed in the same professional way, using the same communication processes.
  • Your clients say “boy I sure hope I get ‘such-and-such’ as my account manager because they’re so much better then ‘so-and-so.’”

Now is this starting to hit home a little more?

How does this affect your brand and your business?

Most people misunderstand what a brand is. They think a brand is limited to a logo, colors, and a few marketing materials. Oh if it were only that simple.

Your brand is actually how others perceive you. And there so many facets that go into that.

By paying attention to what your sales people are telling your prospects, you’re making sure that you’re talking the talk. But 90% of what the prospects and clients are watching for is to see if you are actually walking the walk!

Here are some questions to ask yourself that could be keys to making sure you are walking the walk.

  1. Do you have a company mission and do you make sure that your marketing, sales, and operations align to it?
  2. Do you have someone on your team paying attention to your brand across all facets of your business?
  3. Are all your business touch points consistent to your mission and brand, and reflect what you want to be saying to your clients and prospects?
  4. Are you focused on the right type of client for your business so you can be consistent in how you represent yourselves to them?

If your company is ready to walk the walk, MEMO is ready to help.

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