Use Periscope Live Stream for Business Marketing

Have you broadcast a Periscope live stream yet? We suspect your answer is either “No.” or “What’s a Periscope live stream?” That’s okay; you’re not alone. The incredibly rapid growth of social media on the web makes it difficult to keep up with all of the new business marketing tools available. There’s simply not enough time to try them all, especially since so few of them have proven their bottom line benefit. That’s why we try to focus on those that have become firmly established and are worth the time and effort to learn and use.

In the last year we’ve written about how to use data to get results from Facebook, how to leverage Twitter to grow your business, the 5 things every Google+ For Business page should have, and how to identify LinkedIn profiles that help you maximize yours. In this article, we’ll share information about how to use a Periscope live stream for business marketing. If you’re not familiar with Periscope, it’s an app that was bought by Twitter in January 2015—two months before it was launched—that lets you use your smartphone to share a live video stream.

Check out these 5 “how to” articles to learn the ins & outs of marketing with Periscope:

1. How to Live Stream on Periscope and Why Business Owners are Taking Advantage of It

How to Periscope Live Stream and Why Business Owners are Taking Advantage of It
via HuffPost Business

The author of this article refers to five experienced users of Periscope (aka “scopers”) who she follows to learn the tricks of the trade to build brand equity and monetize social media. The scopers provide usage concepts and benefits rather than actual technical instructions, but their ideas are worth knowing. Learn why you should live stream on Periscope.

2. How to Use Periscope to Market Your Small Business

How to Use Periscope to Market Your Small Business

This article focuses on the nuts & bolts of what the app is, why you should use it, what you should broadcast and how to grow your Periscope community. No fluff here; just worthwhile straight-ahead marketing advice for a small business. Learn how to use Periscope to market your small business.

3. How to Use Periscope for Your Business

How to Use Periscope for Your Business
via Pragmatic Digital Media

This article provides case-study examples of how Periscope is actually being used by businesses and individuals to build their brand. The case studies include references to Smart USA, Dr. Timothy Miller of Ohio State University Wexner Medical Centre, Red Bull, and Arnold “the Governator” Schwarzenegger. Learn how to use Periscope for your business.

4. Can You Really Find Leads with Periscope?

Can You Really Find Leads with Periscope?
via LeadPages Blog

This article helps you understand why apps like Periscope are different from other online video applications. You’ll also learn a dozen ways to use Periscope for your marketing, along with about a half-dozen tips for a successful streaming session. There are also examples of how to promote your streaming session. Learn how to find leads with Periscope.

5. The Marketer’s Guide to Periscope

The Marketer’s Guide to Periscope
via Kissmetrics Blog

This comprehensive tutorial with graphics will teach you the fundamentals of developing a successful Periscope marketing plan, along with instructions for setting up and using the app. In addition, you’ll learn how to “crush it” with live video streaming, how to create an effective title for your broadcast, how to increase your reach and acquire followers, plus lots more useful info. Read the marketer’s guide to Periscope.

Periscope Up!

After you’ve absorbed all of the useful tips in these articles, you can raise your own Periscope above the surface of the social media ocean and start live stream broadcasting. You don’t even need a life jacket; you just need a smartphone.


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