Stop Wasting Time and Money on Marketing Tasks

Marketing professionals are NOTORIOUS for trying to be a “jack of all trades”. Often what that means is there is not enough time to do it all — and therefore all but the emergencies drop off the table. It’s unfortunate, but meaningful marketing tasks often fit in that category.

Are you that way? Are you a marketing professional NOT marketing? (This is where I shame you).

I appreciate the honesty, but this is like a dog chasing his tail. You want more business, but you don’t have time to do the steps to get it? See the irony in this?

Well, I have a simple solution. It’s one I have been using for years to get work done for clients and for myself. It’s a little website called At this site, you can get marketing tasks done for as little as $5. Sound too good to be true? Look here at what I have accomplished:

  • Professional Voice Overs: I get professional voice artists to read my copy and provide you an .mp3 recording up to 1 minute long for $5.
  • Fix Website Issues: I have had many a WordPress issue that I could not figure out. $5 takes care of that problem.
  • Email Templates: I use to design email templates in Photoshop and then hire someone for $99 to convert them to HTML. Now I do the same thing for $5.
  • Blog Posts: Ever thought you could get someone to do “search engine optimized” blog post writing for $5? A brief outline and key words you are targeting is all you need.
  • Social Media Header Images: I have no idea how many pixels wide each social media tool’s header needs to be. But I don’t have to. I don’t even have to create the graphics. I hire an expert for $5.
  • Convert logo to vector: Stop using a grainy logo that never looks good. Convert it to vector format for all printing functions – just $5
  • 3D Book covers: Did you see the cover of this eBook anywhere? Designed for just $5 using
  • Translating copy to another language: I have converted copy to Spanish using
  • Review press releases: Want a professional public relations expert to review your press release before it goes out? Fiverr…
  • PowerPoint slides: Don’t mess with formatting and theming your PowerPoint. Add content and hire someone on Fiverr to clean it up for $5.

And honestly, that is just a partial list.  It really is amazing what you can do with Fiverr — IF you know what you are doing.

With that in mind, to show you the power of this tool for marketing professionals, I have created a 30-page eBook that walks you through step-by-step on how to leverage Fiverr to be a great way to get marketing tasks done.


Now I sell this on Fiverr for (you guessed it — $5), but you can get it here for FREE

Click here to download my eBook about Fiverr. And tell your “marketing” friends about it too.

An send me your feedback. I would love to here how Fiverr is working for you.

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