Social Media Marketing Ideas for the Holidays

The most delightful time of the year, the holiday season is back! This festive period between Halloween and New Year’s Day is not only the season of sweets, happiness and celebration, but also a golden opportunity for companies and entrepreneurs to strengthen their bond with the customers. Yes it is time for to start planning for the gifts, parties and get-togethers but it is also very important to plan for a solid social media marketing campaign. We have listed down few of the easiest and most effective social media marketing ideas which can help you in promoting your business and giving it a much needed boost in these holidays.

1. Eagerness is in the air, take advantage of it!

The whole environment is emotionally charged in the holiday season. The mindset of consumer is positive, generous and eager. You should be able to launch a marketing campaign to take advantage of this mood.

2. Plan early

As we always feel, holiday season pass way too quickly and most of your plans remain unfulfilled. If you want your social media marketing campaign for holidays to be successful, you need to plan right now. Grab this golden opportunity and don’t let it pass you just due to chaos and mismanagement.

3. Decorate your social media pages

Your home shouldn’t be the only thing you decorate during this festive period but also pay some attention to your social media pages! Give your online brand a festive and fresh look by constantly updating your icons, display photos and cover photos. You don’t need to hire a graphic designer to do this job for you, you can simply add a red hat, a red bow or a Christmas tree or few holiday lights to your display and cover photos to develop a bond with the customers and attract them.

4. Stay Active, 24/7

If you want your social media marketing campaign for holidays to be successful, you need to stay active all the time. You need to respond quickly to the comments on your posts and the messages from customers. The business may slow down during this period but people usually visit social media more during holidays and it’s the best time to promote your business. You need to post fresh stuff and keep people engaged to attract them.

5. Greeting cards for promotion

Design holiday cards for all your customers, share them on your social media pages and use them to promote your product. You can easily relate your products with holidays and how they can enhance the holiday experience of your customers. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year; you can use each one of them to promote your business and develop a bond with customers.

6. Contest, prizes and discount coupons

Who doesn’t like to win prizes and cash for participating in a simple contest? Irrespective of your industry and nature of your products, you can boost the reach of your social media page and attract more people. You can even offer discount coupons on your own products as a prize. This is the best way to engage the audience and build a customer base.

7. Support a charity

The holiday season is the time for giving. By supporting a charitable cause and encouraging your audience to follow your example, you can earn a good name for your brand which also helps you in business in the future.

8. Paid advertisements

If you’ve still not started using social media ads for your benefit, now is the high time to do so. You can dramatically improve your visibility during this holiday season by paying a certain amount of money and getting access to the news feed of your target audience. This not only will help you get the best business out of this holiday season but also boost the number of followers and thus customers for the future.

9. Use trending hashtags

Always keep looking for popular hashtags that are relevant to your business and use them to get attention of more people who are following that trend. This increases the audience of each post dramatically.

10. Let your customers be part of your campaign

To make any marketing campaign a success on social media, you need to involve as many people as possible. You can ask your customers to share your holiday pictures and make a collage of them to make your page’s holiday cover photo. You should encourage your customers to share their stories and their traditions on your page. You can even ask questions regularly to keep them involved. In this way you make people feel special and develop a stronger bond with the customer.

11. Give holiday tips

Use articles revolving around holiday tips and tricks. These articles can be used to promote your product in one way or another. You can show your target audience how your products or services can be relevant to their holidays.

12. Offer behind-the-scenes look

Let your customers have a look behind the curtains. Show them your team, holiday decorations, office parties etc. It helps in strengthening the bind between your team and customers. Include fun instagram photos and Vine as well. Show them the culture of your company and put a fun face to your business.

13. Measure your success

Always keep track of your efforts and measure the result of your holiday social media marketing campaign on regular basis. Keep checking your social media marketing campaign’s impact on the traffic to your social media or web page, number of followers and number of comments, messages and orders. In this way you can change your strategy to gain optimum results.

A successful social media campaign for holiday season helps you in closing your business year on a high and makes your fourth quarter the most successful one. Through this campaign you not only thank your customers but also strengthen your bond to make your business stronger. A strong social media marketing strategy in the holiday period enhances customer loyalty and gives a substantial boost to your sales and profit. To know more about marketing techniques and tips and tricks on how to promote your small business, browse through our other blogs.

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