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It's HOW We Assure Client Success

How Can We Help You?

MEMO Marketing Group develops and executes strategic marketing programs to help growing companies know how to market their WHY. We will help you identify and communicate the reasons WHY people should do business with you over all their other choices, and help you find the people those reasons matter to the most.

30 Days



No one would ever take a vacation without knowing where they were going, for how long, and what were they going to do every step of the way. But for some reason, companies often operate without this type of planning for their company’s marketing.
Our approach is simple. Set the course. Define the steps. Measure the results.


  • Set goals – what do we expect marketing to do for our business in a measurable way?
  • Determine your “WHY” – what is unique about you? Do you really know? We discover it, or work with you to enhance it.
  • Competitive Analysis – how does your “WHY” compare to that of your competition. We do research and analysis to help us answer that.
  • Ideal Client Persona – we help you to define your perfect customer and then become laser focused in educating and creating awareness about the problems you solve.
  • Marketing strategies – we define the BEST way to reach your goals with your WHY while targeting your ideal client type. It’s where it all comes together.
  • Defined actions – what do we need to create to market? How do we execute our plan? Who’s in charge of what? When does each step need to get done?
  • Detailed budgets – know exactly what each step should cost and when it’s due.
  • Measured results – know how we will track what’s working and what’s not on our road to our goals

60-90 DAYS



Ever thought that you could have a totally integrated and seamless marketing strategy with all of the tools you need to effectively marketing your company and support your sales team’s efforts? We bring all of the strategy, management, and specialized resources to design, build and deploy all of your needed marketing and sales support materials. One team, directed and managed by us with the singular focus of cost effectively reaching your business goals.


  • Digital Materials – we design, develop and write copy for your entire digital marketing portfolio including website, email marketing, social media, PowerPoint presentations, business templates, downloadable white papers or whatever is laid out in the marketing plan.
  • Print Materials – we also take care of designing and copyrighting all of the needed print marketing including logos, business cards, letterhead, brochures, sales sheets, case studies, trade show booths, banners, ads, and more.
  • Research – we handle all of the research, including identifying the lead list we will use for our targeted marketing efforts
  • CRM Setup and Customization – how we measure everything we do is through a Contact Management System. We set it up to match our needs and train your team to help track all of our effort

12-24 MONTHS



It’s the consistent marketing machine that most companies can’t afford — because they don’t have a model like what MEMO brings to organizations. We handle all of the focused and deliberate marketing efforts. We then measure everything we do and provide you monthly reports to track our progress.

We like to tell people, we bring you the power and skills of an entire marketing department for the cost of ONE employee.


  • Communication – we educate and create awareness around the problems you solve and get it in front of your qualified leads. This is often in the form of blog articles, emails, direct mail, social media, webinars / seminars and much more! We bring all the resources to handle this.
  • Meetings – we bring our team to you and for meetings as needed to keep our efforts on track and you in the know.
  • CRM Management – everything we do is logged to the lead and we track them moving through the pipeline and report it all to you each month.
  • Reporting – through our weekly status updates and monthly results reporting, we keep you abreast of all of our efforts

60-90 DAYS



Once we have your marketing program set and running smoothly, we like to give you choices in how you continue to utilize our services. Whether we continue to be your marketing team, or we help source, recruit, hire, and train the best person for your organization, we continue to provide marketing support for your organization. For many companies, this gives them the flexibility to continue to reduce costs while deploying our team in another marketing strategy or action item.


  • Recruiting – when you are ready to bring on your first marketing professional, we are prepared to assist. We will help ensure your team is ready for your first marketing professional, and identify the skill sets and cultural fit needed for success in this role. Our team can source, recruit, and train them for up to six months after they are hired, and will provide a transition plan for your team to ensure the transition is smooth.
  • Training and support – our team will continue to provide training support and marketing strategy as needed to ensure your organization continues to gain marketing ground