Marketing Concept: Share Your Company’s Marketing Objectives

Imagine receiving this text message from a close friend:

“There is a tour bus parked in front of your home. Go outside and get in because I am taking you on a trip.”

Based on your relationship, you probably go, but with no idea where you’re going. You’re just a passenger on a mystery bus, aren’t you? You’re at the mercy of your friend and feel helpless. I assume if asked to assist with something, you do, but you aren’t able to be proactive with your help. As I stated, you’re just along for the ride.

As crazy as this sounds, this is what we as business owners do to employees when we don’t share with them where we want to go with our business. Employees perform assigned tasks, but they often struggle to see where they fit in the “big picture” of the company’s direction. As a result, they are just along for the ride rather than being proactive and most effective, which can cause problems along the way.

All of those potential problems can be avoided by sharing your company’s marketing objectives with your employees. Which leads to the question… 

“How do I create marketing objectives to share with my employees?”

I’m glad you asked. To be effective, marketing objectives need to be:

1. Written Down

An objective is a goal written down: objectives are best shared and much more likely to be achieved when they are written down and reviewed often. If needed, adjust your objectives – they are written, not carved in stone.

2. Measured

Quantifiable Marketing Objectives Let You Know When You've Achieved Marketing SuccessAn objective is a goal that is measurable: it’s important that your objectives are quantifiable, so everyone is aware if/when they are achieved. Success can’t be subjective – like in a road race, the finish line must visible so participants know when they have completed the course.

3. Scheduled

An objective is a goal that has a timeline: this is one of the most important facets, because otherwise work toward accomplishing an objective will often get pushed aside to complete immediate issues. Deadlines create priority and achieving your marketing objectives needs to be a priority for everyone in the organization.

4. Shared

An objective is a goal that is shared: objectives should be shared with everyone who can have a positive influence on their outcome. Don’t be stingy with this. The more you push it out, the better the chance you have of achieving your goals. Use memos, staff newsletters, your intranet, team meetings, and any other method you have to communication with your staff.

Marketing Objectives Are a Pillar of Your Business

If you’re a business owner and you’ve struggled sharing real objectives with those around you, you’re not alone. It’s a common struggle and one of the main 4 pillars we see companies struggle with everyday. That’s why we created our our free workbook, 4 Pillars to a Successful Strategic Marketing Plan. Download it today to help reach your marketing objectives tomorrow.

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