What To Do When Your Ideal Prospect Says “I’m Not Interested.”

If you own a business or are a sales professional, I have a REAL question for you to think about.

What do you do when an ideal prospect says, I’m not interested?

If you are like most, you probably stop focusing on them.  At best, you add them to an email newsletter list or something.

But what you don’t realize is when an ideal prospect, one you KNOW you can solve problems for, says “I’m not interested”, they really mean something MUCH different.

And knowing what they REALLY mean and how to address it, will make ALL the difference in your business.

If you relate to this, you are not alone.  This is really an epidemic throughout small businesses.  As a matter of fact, here’s a transcript from a recent conversation I had with a prospect.  His name is fake to protect the guilty…

Me: Are you adding new clients at the rate you need to be to reach your goals?

Mike: Not even close.  I need to average 2 new clients each month to hit my goal.

Me: Why do you think you’re not reaching your goal?

Mike: I don’t think I am talking to enough ideal prospects.  I barely talk to 20 a month.  That’s why I need YOUR help.

Me: Wait a minute.  You are talking to 20 ideal prospects per month and NOT getting 2 clients out of that?

Mike: That’s right.

Me:  What do they say to you when you talk to them about the problems you can solve for them?

Mike:  I tell them about my products and services and they say, “I’m not interested.”

Me: Then what do you do?

Mike: I take them off my list of ideal prospects.  They said they were not interested.

Me: <face palm> You’re right!  You DO need me, but not for the reasons you THINK you do!


Does this sound similar to what goes on in your business?  Then you need to read on and learn what to do.

There is an honest reason a prospect says, “I’m not interested” and that is, they can’t explain how they really feel.  Therefore, it’s much easier to just say, “I’m not interested” either verbally or through their actions.

It’s too difficult to do anything else because YOU aren’t offering them another option.

What an ideal prospect really means (and by ideal prospect I mean someone you know has problems you enjoy solving, would think you are good at solving them, and has problems you will make money solving) is this:


This is what your ideal prospects really mean when they say, I’m not interested.  It’s because you haven’t helped them understand what they need to… yet.

Basically, they need to be educated by you. To do this right, you must:

  • Learn WHY to educate them
  • Learn WHEN to educate them.
  • Learn HOW to educate them

In the scenario above, Mike is in a world of hurt.  Because each client to him is worth $5,000 per year.  And for each month that goes by he doesn’t address his problem, he loses $10,000.

How much are you losing each month by not addressing this problem?  If you are like most businesses, probably more than you want to admit to yourself.

As a marketing professional, I see this constantly.  They call it a “numbers game”  Talk to enough people, you’re bound to get a sale, right?

But what happens is you waste so much time and money, and if you find a client, often it’s not the ideal fit.

You MUST change your process, and the sooner you do it, the faster you stop losing out on new sales you should have had in the first place.

Learn The Buyer’s Journey

Since 2008, we have been teaching our clients a technique that addresses this problem and we call it, The Buyer’s Journey.  It’s thinking like a buyer vs. thinking like a salesperson and understanding what they need to know to move themselves through the process.

It’s knowing what order to communicate what.  It’s knowing how to respond to the prospect’s questions.  It’s knowing how to overcome their challenging questions. And it’s knowing what sales and marketing tools you need to build and actively use to be effective.

In one word, it’s eye-opening. (OK.  Maybe that’s two).

We realize that not every business owner and sales professional should be a client of ours.  But it is our belief they should know and understand The Buyer’s Journey.

With that said, we have assembled a special, online course.  It’s 10 lessons, over 1-hour of video — walking you through, step-by-step how to implement The Buyer’s Journey into your business.  It will show you how to turn those “I’m not interested” prospects into “Now I’m Buying” clients.

This course will change how you market and how you sell forever.

Click the button below to learn more about this amazing course.


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