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Strategic Marketing 101 for Sales Managers

If you are like many sales-driven organizations, marketing (if done at all at your company) takes a back seat.  That’s because most companies don’t understand how helpful marketing can be in complementing the sales process and making it more effective. And if you are a sales manager in one of these companies, you may also […]

“If You Build It, They Will Come”—How to Ensure Your Marketing Plan Will Fail

If you’ve ever seen the movie Field of Dreams starring Kevin Costner, you will undoubtedly remember the famous line, “If You Build It, They Will Come”. In the movie, Ray (Costner) hears voices from the cornfields in Iowa, where he was told to build a baseball field so the 1919 Chicago White Sox could play […]

Are Your Marketing Dollars Being Spent Wisely? Here are 8 Questions to Ask.

Often CEOs are removed from the day to day marketing efforts and have a hard time knowing for sure if the investment in marketing is being spent wisely or not.  Not to mention that marketing tactics are changing faster than most people can catch up, how can you possibly know if you are spending the […]

Get Your Game On—Sales and Marketing Partnerships For the Win!

Dear Professional Salesperson: Can we speak candidly for a moment? You are awesome.  You’re a Rockstar.  You are kicking it DAILY.  Beating quotas.  Taking down your competition.  Running your race with honor, medals, and awards.  Confetti flying in the air.  You are moving your product and/or services forward in the market.  You are getting it […]

A Guide to an Effective CEO LinkedIn Profile

I’m one of those people on LinkedIn every week, looking at status updates, news articles, profiles of connections, searching for potential referral partners and more.  And I can say, with proven consistency and honest conviction, the role in companies that need the MOST help on LinkedIn is the CEO. I mention this to most CEOs […]

Is Your Company Effective with Their Marketing Efforts? Here’s why Knowledge is Power.

If you’re of a certain age, even if you don’t want to admit it, the words “Knowledge Is Power” bring back memories of a favorite Saturday morning cartoon called Schoolhouse Rock. Schoolhouse Rock had fun, catchy jingles designed to help kids learn the basic laws of grammar, math, government, and history.  I loved that series […]

12 Tools I Couldn’t Run My Business Without (and Maybe You Shouldn’t Either)

My college professor always told me, “why reinvent the wheel?”  If you are looking for ideas, find something you like and start with that. For instance, when my wife was bugging me to build a deck on the back of our last home, I didn’t try to imagine something from scratch.  I immediately went to […]