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How to Get More Referrals – The 4 “Be’s”

I’ve found myself talking a lot about referrals over the last few weeks. And that’s because I’ve found myself talking to a lot of business people who want to grow business. Here’s what I find interesting about the whole topic. If I ask 100 people to tell me the most common way they get new clients,…

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You talk the talk but do you walk the walk?

What do you think your prospects and existing clients hear from your company? I promise you that they hear more than just what your sales and operations people are saying to them. As a matter fact, they’re “hearing” more than you may even know. You see, your prospects and existing clients are also paying attention…

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Learn Why Your Prospects Aren’t Buying.

Here’s the most frequent conversation I have with business owners:

“My product / service is superior to what my competition offers, but my business isn’t growing – and I can’t understand why people are buying from them and not buying from me.  It must be my marketing.  Is that true?”

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