Why Blogging is Good for Strategic Marketing

Please note: This post is designed to help those who are new to blogging and/or those not achieving the results they want from blogging. Make sure you download the blogging template I have at the end of this post.  Using it will really help you get the result you’re looking for.

Have you ever wanted to know how to do something, or want more information on a topic and come across a blog post that just walks you through the answer, step-by-step, telling you exactly what you wanted to know?

How did you feel about that author or company?  Did you see them as knowledgeable on the topic? Did you walk away feeling like they are experts on that issue?  Would you hire them to fix a problem in that area if you had one?

If your answers were yes to the questions above, you see now how blogging can help you with strategic marketing.

Why Blogging Works


Blogging when done correctly has tremendous benefit to a company’s strategic marketing initiatives.  Here are some reasons why:

  • It helps people see your expertise on a topic.  When you write about topics you know a lot about, it shows the reader your knowledge, which can translate to new business.
  • It helps with search engine rankings.  Blog posts can be specifically targeted to one topic which makes them highly relevant when people search for that topic.
  • It helps people understand the problems you solve. The key to getting new clients is showing them how you solve problems they have. Blogging is a very cost effective way to do that.

What is the proper structure for a good blog post?


Often this is a question that gets asked and it’s one that’s hard to have a blanket answer for.  The best way is to show you (and that’s why we have attached a free template at the end of this post). Simply put you need to 1.) define the problem, 2.) help the reader understand why they should fix it, 3.) provide real solutions to the problem, 4.) and identify where they go for the next steps / more information.

Some other simple tips to being successful with your blogging are:

1. Make sure you show the reader how they can solve a REAL problem. Make your content helpful and relevant to your ideal customer profile (if you don’t know what this is, read this blog post).

2. Break up the text for an easy read. Don’t have long paragraphs.  Make them short and sweet.  Also, use headings throughout so the reader can glance through the post and stop and read portions that interest them.  Use bold and italics to assist with emphasizing key takeaways and important sentences.

3. Use the right keywords.  Want people to find you when they use Google to find answers on certain topics? Then you need to be using the right keywords.  This is a blog post itself.  If you don’t know how to search for the right keywords to use, get some help.  These keywords need to be in the blog title and used 3-5 times in other areas of the blog post as well.

Got any tools that can help?


Well, I’m glad you asked.  We use a template at MEMO Marketing Group to create outlines for our writers.  It helps to make sure the content follows our formula and accomplishes what we have talked about above. The template is really simple to use and is designed to make sure you keep in mind the formula that works for strategic marketing through blogging.

And we would love to share it with you. Just click the download button below.

Got any questions or would you like to see us write on a specific topic of strategic marketing? Let us know by contacting us.  We would love to hear from you!

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