Best of 2015: Looking Back at Our Top 10 Blog Posts of the Year

1. Why Marketing Today Requires More Teacher and Less Salesman In case you aren’t paying attention to marketing these days, there has been a change brought on by social media, SEO and the cultural distrust of sales in general.         2. Strategic Marketing 101 for Sales Managers If you are like many sales-driven organizations, […]

SEO 101: Learn the Basics

Why is it important and what benefits does it have? If I were to go out on the street and ask people – WHAT DOES SEO STAND FOR? – I wonder how many people would be able to give me the correct answer. Let’s explain it briefly and simply: SEO stands for SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION […]

Use Data to Get Results from Facebook [Hint: #6 will surprise you]

One of the many items I mentioned as major “a-ha” we learned in 2015 was the importance of Facebook as a business to business marketing platform. If you don’t remember that blog post, you can click here to go read it. Recently, one of the sites I follow, Buzzsumo wrote an interesting post on Facebook.  Seems […]

Use Periscope Live Stream for Business Marketing

Have you broadcast a Periscope live stream yet? We suspect your answer is either “No.” or “What’s a Periscope live stream?” That’s okay; you’re not alone. The incredibly rapid growth of social media on the web makes it difficult to keep up with all of the new business marketing tools available. There’s simply not enough […]

How to Budget For Marketing

If we had to come up with one word to describe how to budget for marketing, that word might be “balance.” Of course, that word can be applied to any area of a business, but it might be most critical for marketing because it is such a fluid aspect of a successful organization. Unlike many […]