Why Marketing Today Requires More Teacher and Less Salesman

In case you aren’t paying attention to marketing these days, there has been a change brought on by social media, SEO and the cultural distrust of sales in general. Look around and watch what’s happening to your favorite products and services.  Watch the commercials (instead of skipping them) during your favorite reality show and you […]

Where I Found Free Business Owner Advice

I enjoy watching football.  It’s symbolic of my favorite time of year – fall.  I enjoy the leaves changing, the cool crisp air, and college and professional football on the weekends. This past weekend, I watched one of my favorite fall, football movies, Rudy. Everyone should watch it, especially if you own your own business. […]

[Guest Blog] – My Evaluation of MEMO’s Course: “The Buyer’s Journey” by Ken Zweigel

My name doesn’t matter. I’m a hired gun. An outsourced writer. My assignment: Write a blog article about Online Marketing Training that encourages you to enroll in the MEMO Marketing Academy’s online video course about the buyer’s journey. The course is designed to help you learn the 6 Buyer’s Steps that will change your sales […]

Why It’s Imperative You Change Your Business Model NOW – The New Economy.

So you assume the title of this post seems too radical…. too reactive…. to emotional.  But honestly, it’s something you need to take very seriously. If you are in ANY type of business, I want to share with you what you MUST do to respond.  In this article, I’m going to share with you the 3 critical […]

Should I Hire a Marketing Director?

If this is a question you are asking yourself… congratulations!  That means your company must be on solid footing and doing well.  But it seems you may think you COULD be doing better.  And with the right marketing director, that may be true. But honestly, not EVERY company should hire a marketing director. The question: is […]

How To Solve Business Growth Problems with Outsourced Marketing

It’s often suggested that “sales covers up many problems in business”, and although it’s often true, it doesn’t mean it’s a mantra we should just accept.  For instance, when you find sales is covering up inefficiencies in your business, that’s a problem you shouldn’t ignore. Inefficiencies can be in operations, administrative or personnel.  They can be […]

How to Hire a Marketing Consultant.

You want to grow your business. You’ve tried to do marketing in-house for quite some time – and it’s NOT gone as expected.  Now it’s time to admit, with all the various types of activities that marketing requires, your organization just can’t focus on marketing AND your clients. Let’s face it.  Marketing has become so […]

How Marketing Can Increase Your Sales and Revenue Growth in 2016

Limited sales and no revenue growth; what’s missing? Entrepreneurial companies around the world often tend to focus most of their time and energy on creation of innovative products and solutions, securing resources, hiring the most competent teams, making operations smoother and more efficient, acquiring services of the best legal advisers, programmers and accountants, and introducing […]