5 Marketing Objectives Every Company Should Consider

If you’re interested in jump starting your marketing efforts, it’s important you first consider your purpose in doing so.  It may have been your original intent to just “grow sales” but marketing really has more appropriate considerations than that. The key to success with your marketing is to understand what your potential marketing objectives are.  […]

Three Critical Elements to an Effective Marketing Plan Process

At MEMO, we try to help other businesses by teaching them strategic marketing.  Our local marketing seminars have allowed us to trained over 100 business owners, and we look forward to training hundreds more. But recently, in a follow-up meeting with a business owner who had attended one of our seminars, I was asked a very […]

Does Your Company Need a Marketing Audit?

Is this situation happening to you and your company? Your company invests some money at a new marketing campaign hoping for good results; increased sales and new customers. Then over the next few months, everyday business keeps chugging along while slowly, creeping up the back of your neck, you suspect (and then finally realize) your […]

What is Strategic Marketing?

Is strategic marketing a buzz word for just “marketing” or “really cool marketing”? At MEMO, we don’t think so. Strategic marketing is how it’s sounds. It’s about being strategic with your marketing. In this article, we will describe in detail how to be strategic, show some examples from other companies and tell you how to […]