Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail. Should You Take This Risk with Your Marketing Plan?

We receive calls every day from companies asking for help with their marketing.  We are often asked to help with social media, with redoing a website, helping with branding, or even doing a direct mailer.  While we are skilled and equipped to help with any of these components, and love to do them, the first […]

Why People Don’t Buy from YOU!

In 2000, I had just started a new job. I was the director of a department that was now offering a new innovative service and I was responsible for getting the word out to our existing customers. I scheduled many meetings with our customers to show them what this new technology could do. I would […]

12 Tools I Couldn’t Run My Business Without (and Maybe You Shouldn’t Either)

My college professor always told me, “why reinvent the wheel?”  If you are looking for ideas, find something you like and start with that. For instance, when my wife was bugging me to build a deck on the back of our last home, I didn’t try to imagine something from scratch.  I immediately went to […]