Best of 2015: Looking Back at Our Top 10 Blog Posts of the Year

1. Why Marketing Today Requires More Teacher and Less Salesman

comic-change.jpgIn case you aren’t paying attention to marketing these days, there has been a change brought on by social media, SEO and the cultural distrust of sales in general.  Read_More.png




2. Strategic Marketing 101 for Sales Managers

marketing-for-sales-managers.jpgIf you are like many sales-driven organizations, marketing (if done at all at your company) takes a back seat.  That’s because most companies don’t understand how helpful marketing can be in complementing the sales process and making it more effective.  Read_More.png



3. Why Starting with a Sample Marketing Plan Doesn’t Work

googling-sample-marketing-plans.pngSo you realize that your company is in desperate need of a marketing plan and you have never done one before.  Therefore, you begin like any other person would in 2015 by Googling “Sample Marketing Plan” only to find a ton of samples and templates you can purchase and download.  Read_More.png


4. Where I Found Free Business Owner Advice

Dollarphotoclub_35150921.jpgYou see, every time I watch Rudy, I get charged up for my business. And the reason is simple. It’s the 5 principles that Rudy lives by that should be seen in every business owner. Rudy’s principles are great principles of business and life.  Read_More.png



5. What To Do When Your Ideal Prospect Says “I’m Not Interested.”

im-not-interested.jpgThere is an honest reason a prospect says, “I’m not interested” and that is, they can’t explain how they really feel.  Therefore, it’s much easier to just say, “I’m not interested” either verbally or through their actions.   Read_More.png



6. Should I Hire a Marketing Director?

should-i-hire-a-marketing-director.jpgIf this is a question you are asking yourself… congratulations!  That means your company must be on solid footing and doing well.  But it seems you may think you COULD be doing better.  And with the right marketing director, that may be true.  Read_More.png


7. The Five MUSTS of Strategic Marketing

5-musts.jpgThere is a lot of responsibility when you oversee a company’s strategic marketing.  It’s because when you market for someone, you are influencing an audience’s perception about them. That’s what a brand is – the perception of something.  Read_More.png


8. Why It’s Imperative You Change Your Business Model NOW – The New Economy

leap.jpgIf you are in ANY type of business, I want to share with you what you MUST do to respond.  In this article, I’m going to share with you the 3 critical things to address in your business before the end of this year – because time is of the essence in this new economy.  Read_More.png


9. 4 Pillars of the Strategic Marketing Process

Strategic MarketingOur whole lives are filled with routine familiar processes. Commuting to and from work is a process. Preparing dinner is a process. And so is washing the dishes after dinner. Going out to eat is a process we use to avoid the process of washing dishes.  Read_More.png



10. 3 Steps to Determining Your Ideal Customer Profile

Ideal Customer ProfileToo often, business “shoot” at anything and everything hoping to land a new customer.  Unfortunately, businesses forget that they can’t be everything to everybody — and what happens, as a result, is customers expectations are not met and you end up serving customers you aren’t best equipped to serve.  Read_More.png

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