10 Things Other Businesses Can Teach You About Your Go To Market Strategy

Have you ever been “WOWED” by another company?  Sure you have.  It happens to me a lot. And it’s something I have started to take note of more often.

As I see it, if I felt that way, how do you think others reacted as well?  And, if it leaves a positive feeling for everyone, the question I need to to ask myself is: “Can I incorporate this somehow into how I do business?  Can it be a part of my go-to-market strategy?”

What about you? Have you ever stopped to think about all of these “little things” various businesses have done for you, and then think about how you could be doing those for your clients?  In other words, do you know how to be a “go-to-market hacker?”  Basically this means breaking down little memorable things others do and incorporate them into your business.

All it takes is to recognize the things you had done to you as a buyer that were “memorable”, and turn around and add them to your business model as appropriate.

Remember, it’s always these little things that make people long time clients and have them talking to others about you.

Take a look at a list of memorable “little things” that have made an impression on me.

1. Hand-written Note

I remember the time I purchased a car from a local dealership.  The deal was done, and it was a few weeks later when a hand-written note came in the mail.  It was from the sales guy I bought the car from.  In the letter he thanked me for the trust I showed in him. He even referenced a conversation we had about one of my children.  He took the time to show me that what happened was important to him.  It probably took him 5 minutes to do that – but it created an impression on me that will last forever.  If he gets one referral out of me because of it, then it was well worth it.

2. A “Little Something Extra” Surprise – gift a book

One of the ways to make a good impression on a client is to send them a gift.  One that left an impression on me was the time I received a book in the mail.  What was memorable about it was that the book was perfect for me and represented our relationship well.  This person took the time to realize what I needed in a book, bought it and sent it.  Yeah it probably took an hour and cost $25, but to me (and to them) it was well worth it.

3. The VIP Treatment – know them personally

People don’t want to do business in transactions.  They want to do business with people.  And the best way to help with that is to get to know each other personally.  Open up to them about your personal life and get them to do the same.  I love it when people I do business with reach out to me when something important is happening in my life – like when a kid is sick, or we just got back from a big vacation.  It shows that I am important enough to them to be thinking about me.  Sometimes it’s as simple as a text or a quick phone call, but regardless, show you care and that they are important to you.

4. The Survey – show them their opinions are important

I really appreciate when companies ask me for my opinion.  It shows that I matter to them.  It shows that they want to know how to do better for me.  It shows that they care and that I am not just a number to them.  A survey doesn’t have to be a long and drawn out effort.  (Actually, quite the opposite is MUCH more effective).  Make it simple and offer a reward for someone who helps you by filling it out.  Better yet, follow up and SHOW them you are listening by sharing what you are doing to address what they shared in the survey.

5. The Follow-up – make sure they are happy with their purchase

I remember one time I made a purchase at a small local shop.  2 months later, I get a phone call from the store owner who just wanted to check to see if I was still happy with the purchase.  I had to be honest and tell him I hadn’t used the tool much since I bought it, but he took the opportunity to share another idea on how I could use it that I did not think of.  Just another simple (and cheap) touchpoint that was a perfect customer service engagement.

6. Publicize Your Clients

I truly love it when people I do business with choose to talk about me in their social media.  This tells me that I am important because they are sharing me and what we are doing together with their closest friends.  This is one of the most inexpensive ways to provide your clients a good feeling about you and your company. And it helps them by sharing what they do with others who could use their products or services.

7. Give Them Referrals

For clients that are also in business, referrals are best described as “handing out trust”.  When you refer a client, you are showing them that you trust them and your relationship enough to put your name on the line.  In addition, it can help them grow their business as well. Referrals are a great way to build stronger relationships.

8. Fix Problems

When you go out of your way to fix a problem, whether it’s one you caused or not, you are showing your true value to clients.  Good clients realize that you cannot avoid mistakes.  What they watch is how you handle and fix them.  Try to fix problems BEFORE the client even knows they are a problem, and then let them know what you did.  It will show you are on top of this and removing potential trouble for them.

9. Help Them in Other Areas Too

Identify other problems you can help them solve.  I remember one time I mentioned to a company that my father was struggling with his health.  This man went home and called a family friend to get the name and number of his doctor that treated the friend for the same condition my dad was suffering from.  Can you believe that?  Do you think that made an impression on me?  Yep.

10. Say Thank You

In a world where the little things don’t seem to matter as much anymore, sometimes just a simple “thank you” is all you need to do.  Show appreciation for what they have done and what it means to you.

Do you have some examples that others have done that made an impression on you?  Share them with me (and other readers) below.

Sometimes improving your go to market strategy is as simple as “hacking” what has made such an impression on you as a buyer.  Think on these things as you plan for a great 2016.

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