The #1 Thing Your Prospects Want to Know About YOU.

It’s really very simple, but most sales professionals completely avoid it. The reason is that they already know it themselves – and therefore incorrectly assume others do too.

Any guesses? Do prospects want to know your experience? Your pricing? Your approach to business? All the services you offer? Your features and benefits? How to contact you?

All of this is what your sales people typically tell them. Just take a look at any business website or any sales material and you will agree with me. But none of this answers the MAIN question all prospects want to know.

Give up? (I thought you might). 😉

The answer prospects want to know is…what problem would you solve for ME?

Now, let me stop you. Saying something like, “well what I do is I sell cars to people.” That statement doesn’t tell anyone what problem you solve. That’s where my college professor would smack his big SO WHAT? stamp on your forehead!

When people ask you  “What do you do?” they don’t want to know WHAT YOU DO! They really are asking, “what problem(s) do you solve?”

The quicker you understand this, the quicker you can get on to seeing if that is a problem they need solved (or know anyone else that does). Because people buy things to solve problems — period.

So the key to your success, is getting to the root of the problem you solve, and that means also making sure it’s a problem that people you like to work with want to solve — and that it’s a problem you can make money solving.

As I said, it often doesn’t come as easy to sales people as it should. That’s why I have created this worksheet to help get to the root of it.

If you are in sales, you may find it helpful, even if you THINK you know the problem you solve. You may be surprised at what this helps you realize about yourself and your business.

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